Our liquidity and settlement platform
delivers atomic settlement
and unparalleled security

We have built the global infrastructure for a next-generation Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) designed to solve the liquidity and risk challenges of today. We're ready for whatever the future brings and enable instant PvP settlement and real-time cross-border payments that can transform your customer service today.

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Delivering Next Generation
Cross-Border Settlement

RTGS.global is delivering Financial Market Innovation
transforming cross-border settlement for numerous applications for Central banks, Commercial banks, and other participants in the wholesale market.

Liquidity v Liquidity (LvL)

Payment-vs-Payment (PvP)

Instant settlement

Always on, 24/7/365

Bilateral, point-to-point

Global currency corridors

Immediate access to funds

Liquidity v Liquidity (LvL)

Liquidity is always available so transactions can occur at any time.
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