Our Company

RTGS.global is built for now,
designed for what’s next.

We believe that to make something truly useful, you have to solve for today’s problems while also thinking about what’s next.

For wholesale cross-border settlement, this means delivering instantaneous PvP settlement for fiat currency today, whilst anticipating a future that may include new asset classes.

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The Why
We SolveToday's Challenges,while Preparingfor Tomorrow's
The fintech revolution has reshaped the retail financial services landscape in barely a decade. Meanwhile, cross-border settlement and payments are stuck in the 1970s.

Ageing infrastructure and legacy business models are impeding innovation in cross-border payments and settlement, at great cost to the global economy.

The consequences are felt throughout today's fiat-centric settlement market. Without change, those consequences will only grow as new business models and new digital asset classes move to the fore.

We have created something that solves for today,
but is ready for what’s next.

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The Way We Work

We are solving an important problem,
by challenging convention.

We always ask the question, “How can we connect the world more seamlessly?”
We ask ourselves, “What changes would make this radically better than it is today?”
We are action-oriented. We get the job done – and we get it done right.
Our Company

Meet our Leaders & Experts

Our team comes from the forefront of global banking, fintech, and market infrastructures.

Victoria Cumings
Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer
Based in New York City, Victoria is an FX industry veteran, having worked at HSBC, CLS, and GFMA. With law degrees from the US and Australia, Victoria is a qualified lawyer; prior to her career in banking, she worked at Davis Polk in New York and London, and McCullough Robertson in Australia.
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