December 20, 2023

A year in review: reflects on its proudest moments in 2023

2023 has been a year of immense progress for, as we took great strides towards our goal of delivering instant cross-border financial settlements.

Before looking ahead to 2024, we’re taking a moment to reflect and celebrate the company’s biggest accomplishments this past year, each one a strategic driver to help establish a solid foundation to transform global payments.

Here are our proudest moments.

2023’s strategic strides

We want to kick off by celebrating the major company milestones that took place throughout the year.

This started in February when we appointed Jarrad Hubble as interim CEO, bringing in his extensive experience of rapidly scaling fintechs. This aligned perfectly with March’s move to expand our business development team, readying us for major partnerships ahead.

May then saw acceleration on two fronts: we proudly announced Jarrad as permanent CEO while welcoming Marcus Treacher to our board as Executive Chair. Their combined expertise proved invaluable in progressing partnerships and product development.

That month also brought our Banks Working Group launch, with over a dozen industry-leading banks gathering to identify pain points in global settlement and work with us on our network-based solution.

Over the second half of 2023, we sustained this momentum by revealing additional partnerships, including those with Humo and Credo, expanding our capacity for inclusive, seamless cross-border transactions.

We then marked a major milestone as the year closed out with the successful demonstration of real-time cross-border settlements on our platform in December. This achievement displayed our network’s readiness for international deployment at scale. in the news

In addition to our internal milestones this past year, executives actively contributed to crucial global discussions across media publications, conferences and podcasts on the future of financial services.

First up we have Executive Chair Marcus Treacher, who penned an examination in The Fintech Times of how introducing different currencies exponentially increases the complexity of moving money worldwide. His article called for “rewriting the rulebook” that guides cross-border transactions.

This dialogue laid the foundation for Marcus to explore the launch of the FedNow instant payments systems in May and June, speaking with both FXC Intelligence and The Fintech Times to explore its impact on global settlements. then successfully delivered this thought leadership through live events at September’s SIBOS conference, where we partnered with The Banker for an event discussing necessary improvements to cross-border liquidity provisions.

Meanwhile, in another major region for RTGS, Head of APAC, Ed Dovey met with Payment Expert to delve into the global dynamics reshaping payments today. From adopting T+1 settlement cycles to facilitating trade without the U.S. dollar, his interview shed light on the next phase of financial infrastructure advancement.

To close a monumental year, Yahoo Finance spotlighted co-founder Nick Ogden in its popular My First Boss segment, reflecting on his hugely successful career founding four major businesses that earned him the title “The founding father of Fintech”.

With executives featuring across such high-profile outlets, 2023 marked an influential year for on the world stage. on the road

2023 also saw connect in-person with partners and prospective clients worldwide. Our teams actively participated in industry conferences and hosted events across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and beyond.

We thank everyone who visited our booths, listened to our leaders present or met them during forums. The insights and partnerships gained at these events will fuel our drive to shape financial access over the coming years.

Alan Vershoyle-King (Chief Commercial Officer) at EBADay in Madrid, Spain

The team hosting a training session in Prague, Czech Republic

Victoria Cumings (Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer) at OMFIF’s central banks and digital currencies symposium in London, UK

A Banks Working Group Meeting at SIBOS 2023 in Toronto, Canda

“2023 was a breakthrough year for as we made immense progress towards our goal of delivering the future of financial settlement.

“From forming key partnerships to enhancing our platform's capabilities, I'm proud of how our talented team has rapidly assembled the building blocks necessary for global impact. As we head into 2024, we will continue innovating to make cross-border transactions instant, transparent and inclusive worldwide. I look forward to unveiling what we accomplish next.” - Jarrad Hubble, CEO,

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