Our unique atomic settlement solution, supported by Microsoft Azure architecture, transforms cross-border payments
by providing instantaneous PvP settlement.

Our multi-jurisdictional architecture allows for true Payment-vs-Payment (PvP) settlement and streamlined cross-border payments.

From Days to Seconds

Currently the way money moves around the globe is too restrictive and slow. We know that having the ability to instantaneously settle between jurisdictions, financial institutions will not only develop their own growth but also open up new opportunities for global economic development and inclusion.

By enabling instantaneous movement of funds cross-border between financial institutions, directly connects key market participants from individual countries into a global settlement network, creating seamless interoperability across borders and currencies.
Success Story

First instant transaction

We facilitated a payment through
Credo Bank in Georgia and MDO Humo in Tajikistan, using direct currency conversion between both currencies and executed near instantly.

A first-of-its-kind for the region, the transaction was settled in a matter of seconds and opened a currency corridor that realised significant liquidity benefits and streamlined a traditionally cumbersome cross-border settlement process.

How does it feel to settle, fast?

No matter what type of financial institution you are or what cross-border products you need to settle, you can experience Instant Settlement.'s robust legal and operational framework is highly flexible and can be deployed across a wide range of products and currency corridors, including Emerging Market currencies.

The world of global payments
is experiencing a significant shift.

Global commerce and changing regulation demand solutions which provide instantaneous and real-time transactions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a way that reduces costs and mitigates settlement risk.

There are a number of public sector objectives stated clearly in the G20 Roadmap to Enhance Cross-Border Payments, the CPMI Report and the FX Global Code, among others, all of which call for an interbank network that shortens the cross-border chain and reduces settlement risk as much as practicable, settling FX transactions through PvP settlement where possible.

The ISO 20022 standard is shifting how banks communicate cross-border payment instructions. To continue processing payments, all banks must be prepared to handle this new standard, and in the case of cross-border payments, all banks must be equipped to receive, process and pass the full ISO 20022 payment data from one counterparty to the next.

However local flavours of implementation of this standard, each with their own nuances, have already emerged. This leaves room for a private sector initiative to bridge these differences. This is the approach we have taken at, building a common platform to achieve fully transparent liquidity flows, optimising liquidity velocity whilst vastly reducing the complexity of the end-to-end reconciliation of cross-border payments. has been built to deliver an interbank settlement service for financial institutions that enables instant cross-border movement of funds, removing the need for multiple intermediaries with Payment-vs-Payment settlement - cutting transaction time and fees.
We are a team of ambitious people, all with strong banking backgrounds and united by the common goal to change the cross-border settlement market for good.

The benefits of our solution


always available 24/7/365


Central bank backed

Backed by
ultra-secure funds

Ensuring your payments won't fail is critical. We achieve this by ensuring that our settlement service are always underpinned by the highest quality of funding including Central Bank money and CBDCs.

The Future is Here

“Successfully facilitating instantaneous cross-border payments and settlements between five progressive commercial banks in the Central Asian region that is experiencing significant economic growth proves that the future of cross-border payments is here, and is at the heart of it.”

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