Instant Settlement with Certainty

The way money moves around the world is currently not working. It takes too long, costs too much and carries too much risk.
Change is now urgently needed and we are leading the charge.

Settlement is at a tipping point.
This is the answer.

Our founders felt that there was a better, more modern, digital way to move money around the world. They agreed that the technology was ripe to create an instant, risk-free, global system and it just needed a team with the know-how and appetite to build it.

This inspired the company’s mission to build a service that delivered Instant Settlement with Certainty.
Change is needed. Change is here.

The world of global payments
is experiencing a significant shift.

Global commerce and changing regulations demand solutions which provide instantaneous and real-time transactions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a way that reduces costs and mitigates settlement risk.

There are a number of public sector objectives stated clearly in the G20 Roadmap to Enhance Cross-Border Payments, the CPMI Report and the FX Global Code, among others, all of which call for an interbank network that shortens the cross-border chain and reduces settlement risk as much as practicable, settling FX transactions through PvP settlement where possible.

The ISO 20022 standard is shifting how banks communicate cross-border payment instructions. To continue processing payments, all banks must be prepared to handle this new standard, and in the case of cross-border payments, all banks must be equipped to receive, process and pass the full ISO 20022 payment data from one counterparty to the next.

However local flavours of implementation of this standard, each with their own nuances, have already emerged. This leaves room for a private sector initiative to bridge these differences. This is the approach we have taken at, building a common platform to achieve fully transparent liquidity flows, optimising liquidity velocity whilst vastly reducing the complexity of the end-to-end reconciliation of cross-border payments. has been built to deliver an interbank settlement service for financial institutions that enables instant cross-border movement of funds, removing the need for multiple intermediaries with Payment-vs-Payment settlement - cutting transaction time and fees.

We are a team of ambitious people, all with strong banking backgrounds and united by the common goal to change the cross-border settlement market for good.

The benefits of our solution


always available 24/7/365


Central bank backed

Backed by
ultra-secure funds

Ensuring your payments won't fail is critical. We achieve this by ensuring that our settlement service are always underpinned by the highest quality of funding including Central Bank money and CBDCs.

Realtime control, at speed

“The speed at which transactions are settled through the network is truly impressive and reinforces our confidence in the platform. Its functionality aligns seamlessly with the requirements of commercial banks, providing user-friendly management options, real-time notifications for transaction progress, and the flexibility to review and edit transactions before approval.”

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It is time to rethink
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Let’s adapt to a faster way of moving money. Our Executive Chairman, Marcus Treacher discusses the need to replace the current legacy technology within todays world banking system.
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