Market Resilience Solution: ARK ®

Recover & Resumewith Confidence

Introducing ARK ®

Built on the same technology as the core settlement service, ARK ® is a truly independent market resilience solution. ARK ® addresses the market's need for reliability and resilience in domestic high-value payment systems, protecting against data corruption events, cyber-attacks, and other forms of disruption.

Meet a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of minutes, not hours or days.
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True Independence,across Every Dimension ARK ® ensures complete independence across each facet of tertiary backup.

With no reliance upon SWIFT, it is hosted in your secure cloud architecture, with in-region, immutable data storage. No application components are shared with your primary solution.


Independent, immutable data storage is maintained from the same raw message.

Application Services

Bespoke distributed network connectivity and communication capabilities, ISO 20022 compatible.

Application Codeline

Developed by and Microsoft, there are no application components shared with your primary solution.

Operating System is cloud-native, operating on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Network operates on Microsoft's private telecommunications backbone.

Easy Integration,with the Reliability of Microsoft ARK ® is derived from the same core infrastructure as the settlement service, built through years of collaboration with Microsoft.

With simplified access through the connector, payment system operators and their participants are assured of maximum security and 24/7/365 availability through Microsoft Azure.

Likewise, all transactions are recorded on the High-Availability Immutable Ledger in Microsoft Azure — and synchronised with the Payment System Operator’s Core Systems.

Ultimate ResilienceGiving you Confidence ARK ® offers Payment System Operators (PSOs) maximum resilience in a tertiary backup solution.

With no reliance on SWIFT, it can be hosted in a PSO’s own secure cloud architecture, complete with in-region data storage and custom configurability to meet a wide range of recovery scenarios.

As a truly independent, cloud-native contingency solution, ARK ® gives confidence in an immediate RTO within a package that is inexpensive to maintain.